Since the internet revolution, global institutions and governments have been studying the e-signature solutions and such technology platforms. Just recently, legal bodies and other globally recognized corporate and government institutions have come to the determination that even though, at incept, they may accept an electronically signed document from a person, that in fact, such institutions now require the ability to print said document for repudiation purposes.

The SYNGRAFII LongPen writing device™ is a unique patented technology which makes SYNGRAFII the only online platform worldwide that provides the end user this printing capability.

The SYNGRAFII sPaper™ technology platform stores completed signed documents belonging to individual end users in their own registered, segregated and secure cloud data storage environment. What makes the SYNGRAFII sPaper™ technology unique above all other currently existing e-signature technology platforms, is that the SYNGRAFII sPaper™ secured electronic document can be printed at any time thereafter by the end user using a dedicated SYNGRAFII’s LongPen™.

SYNGRAFII’s LongPen™ is capable to print a SYNGRAFII sPaper™ secured electronic document any time after the document has been signed, locked, and stored, whereby the end user’s authenticated wet ink signature is affixed to the printed document as it was intended by the end user at the time of signing.


The SYNGRAFII sPaper™ service is securitized by the SYNGRAFII Transactional MasterFile™ - a proprietary non-repudiation engine that provides organizations with a complete transaction history along with evidence of the identity, execution and intent of the signer to the transaction while delivering critical meta-data for business analysis and optimization.

MasterFile™ captures before and after images of the document(s) being executed and stores the file on either a local or cloud server. Authorized users can access the stored transaction records in a secure web portal. Deployed into a Contact Center Solution, MasterFile™ can be integrated with video and/or audio recording solutions allowing organizations to keep a record of the discussion and transaction execution in one file. An example of just some of the data sources collected by MasterFile™ include: mobile phone number, tablet IP address, audio/video feeds (if present), GPS coordinates of the signer, details of the interacting party, the date/start/end time and page dwell time.