Letter from the President

"I have been a professional musician since my adolescence. Playing music professionally gained me access to corporate society. During my musical career, I was awarded financial grants which allowed me to enroll in Berklee College of Music in Boston, which I finished in 2013 with honors. In late 2016 I decided to get into the Real Estate business. I started with Ashlar Urban Realty Inc. in late 2016, which was acquired by Cushman Wakefield in March 2017 where I have been working since.

I met Margaret Atwood in the summer of 2017 concerning a real estate matter. Prior to meeting her, I had heard of Syngrafii Inc., an IT company which she had founded. I was impressed by Syngrafii’s technology and the depth of its Intellectual Property. When I saw that a Canadian Law Firm (Nexera), whose business is to provide its clients mortgage loans, had been using Syngrafii tech since 2016, I knew that I wanted to work with Syngrafii!

Nexera adopting Syngrafii led to an increase in efficiency, as well as profitability, in their business, while exceeding their customers’ needs for ease of use, and security, in the execution and delivery of electronic documents which are highly sensitive and must be kept confidential as they relate to banking and people’s homes. I realized that by adopting Syngrafii tech, Nexera was greatly reducing to their clients the risk of potential identity theft.

Having some knowledge of IT and having watched the blockchain wave rise over the past few years, I consulted with Syngrafii and several trusted advisors, and we created a plan to blend Syngrafii with the blockchain world, thereby giving birth to Syntek Tokens!"

- Thompson Egbo-Egbo