“Syngrafii’s unique patented process is tomorrow’s gateway to user friendly and secure management for executing wet ink signatures onto electronic documents”

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SYNGRAFII’s Signature Solutions and sPaper™ service captures, stores and locks multiple individual signatures of an end user. Just like physical paper, the end user can affix multiple signatures where and when required on a document. Each signature is unique showing hand writing experts the variations expected in the form and features of the unique signature allowing them to accurately determine that these signatures emanate from the same person signing multiple times on the document.

Syngrafii’s Compliant Signature Solutions designed for desktop and mobile platforms provide a unique single vendor overarching signature capability ranging from basic click-to-sign services through digital signature services through to the compliant Gold Standard of a Wet Ink signature. This meets and exceeds multiple industry Compliance, Governance and Reporting requirements for authenticating a business transaction where a signature was applied.

The SYNGRAFII LongPen writing device™ is a unique patented technology which makes SYNGRAFII the only online platform worldwide that provides the end user this printing capability.

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SYNTEK Tokens are currently being offered at a promotional discounted price of CA$15.00/Token (Fifteen Canadian Dollars per Token)* whereby 1 Token can be redeemed for one (1) end user license, which gives a subscribed end user unlimited SYNGRAFII sPaper™ online service, for a period of one (1) month.



The market leader currently charges US$40 per user for its enterprise-level online e-signature solution, which is sub-par compared to what end users can do with SYNGRAFII sPaper™!

SYNTEK Tokens, electro-minted for purchase, can be redeemed for future easy and cost-effective on-line access to SYNGRAFII sPaper services – which allow user-friendly and secure management for executing wet ink signatures and annotations onto electronic documents. Sign digitally, store digitally, produce as real ink if needed!

*Token prices may change at any time without prior notice or warning at the sole discretion of Syntek Services Inc.


'Identity theft is a serious crime that affects millions of Americans each year.'

- Ben Bernanke
Former Chairman of U.S. Federal Reserve

Identity fraud is a growing issue in today's technological landscape. Current online document signing tools leave vulnerabilities for attackers to exploit.

Syngrafii's Masterfile™ secure technology suite is the only digital document signing solution that allows a person to sign their original signature into an electronic document which could then be printed any time in the future with their original wet-ink signature intact. This results in legally binding and reputable documents which can be verified, thereby helping to reduce identity theft!


Why Signatures Matter

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1 Syntek Token = CA$15

Minimum Purchase = 5 Tokens

Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover


SYNTEK Tokens can be redeemed by logging into your Syntek Wallet and clicking 'Redeem Now'. This will generate a special secure link to, where, after accepting SYNGRAFII's terms and conditions, your sPaper subscription will begin.

SYNGRAFII shall then internally electronically validate the Token being redeemed, using SYNTEK security protocols, and when validated, SYNGRAFII shall then issue electronically a validation code to the end user. The validation code could then be used to activate the SYNGRAFII sPaper™ service at a redemption rate stated herein above, equivalent to one (1) Token redeemed for one (1) month of unlimited usage.

Syntek Token

To complete any Token purchase buyers must agree to SYNTEK’s ‘Terms of Use’ policy. The same ‘Terms of Use’ policy would then apply to subscription via redemption of the Token for SYNGRAFII sPaper™ service whereby an end user would be required to agree to the ‘Terms of Use’ policy posted on

First time end user activations of SYNGRAFII’s sPaper™ using SYNTEK Tokens shall receive their first month of service FREE!

Each Token has embedded within its blockchain structure a unique and secure coded identifier for validating the Token’s authenticity to SYNGRAFII at time of redemption. The authentication and validation process must be completed and approved by SYNGRAFII prior to SYNGRAFII releasing authorization to any Token redeeming end user to start using the SYNGRAFII sPaper™ unlimited monthly service.


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